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Found sound. Music material that was not produced by an instrument or vocals.
Gameplay flow. The quality of gameplay experience based on interaction between consecutive stages of the game.
Genre. A conventional category that identifies some work (piece of music, game, etc.) as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions.
Goals. Goals are aims for the player, usually established by rules, they differentiate games from other types of play.
Insert game. A game easy to be made a part of other musical structures.
Judge (role). Participant that affects only the outcome of the game.
Karaoke. Amateur singing used as a pastime, most often to a backing track and with lyrics displayed.
King-making. Game design issue that occurs in competitive games for more than two players when one's result is not dependent on one's performance.
Learning curve. Characterization of progress of skill during the gaming experience.
Ludomusical dissonance. Situation when gaming incentives in a music game lead Players to play worse music.
Meaningful Choice. A set of alternatives that provides a good experience for the person making a choice, in terms of engagement and satisfaction.
Mechanic. A subsystem of the game that regulates interaction with a game state.
Non-idiomatic music. The genre of "no genre", also known as free music.
Pervasive Game. A game where the gaming experience blends with the real world.
Player (role). Participant that takes full part in the game. One of the Roles.
Prompter (role). Participant that gives signals to change music without deciding about the direction of that change.
Psychographics. Three player types, Timmy, Johnny, and Spike, by main internal motivation to play.
Quarterbacking. Game design issue that occurs in cooperative board games when all decisions are taken by one player that is more skilled in the game than others.
Roles. A way of participating in a music game (like playing, conducting, accompanying or judging).
RPG. Role-Playing Game, a game where the main focus is assuming the role of a fictional character.

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