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RPG. Role-Playing Game, a game where the main focus is assuming the role of a fictional character.
Rule Cards. Cards that provide instruction to players (usually in text).
Speedrun. Playing the game as fast as possible.
Stacking. An arrangement or a mechanic of there being more and more of something.
Transition. Changing from one section of the work to another.
Upgrade. Game mechanics of providing better possibilities to the player.
Victory condition. A rule that decides who wins the game.
Warm-Up. A simple activity that improves engagement in complex ones
XP. "Experience points" — gathered during some games to gain upgrades.

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List of pages tagged with _ready:

  1. Musical Tetris
  2. Mutual Prescriptions series
  3. Narges Mehrabi
  4. Natasha Zielazinski
  5. Niels Vermeulen
  6. Nightlife of Machines
  7. Oliver Baker
  8. Oumupo
  9. Pass The Sound series
  10. Perception 4
  11. Phrase Dealer
  12. Polyfill
  13. P-S-Rock
  14. Quotes from Stefan Szczelkun's, Improvisation Rites
  15. Random score
  16. Renee Jonker
  17. Rhythm Ball
  18. Room Score
  19. Rotary Jam
  20. S. Szczelkun, Improvisation Rites
  21. Sea-game game
  22. Shogi Composition
  23. Special Tags of G4M
  24. Staircase
  25. Stay In Character
  26. Stones
  27. Subject Matter Of Copyright
  28. SyndaKit
  29. Synzine magazine
  30. Terry Riley: In C
  31. Textmusic 3
  32. The Audition
  33. The Freemasons
  34. The Songwriter's Notebook
  35. This Instrument is Not What it Seems
  36. Thumbnails
  37. Tonic (Card Set)
  38. Trading Fours Battle
  39. Travel Routes
  40. Trigger Cards
  41. Two-headed Soloist
  42. U. Eco, The Open Work
  43. Using event lists
  44. Volume Waves
  45. W. Cheng, Sound Play
  46. W.A. Mathieu, Listening Book
  47. Walter Thompson
  48. What is good music?
  49. Where Are We?
  50. Wikidot syntax help
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