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AMAPFALAP. As much as possible from as little as possible.
AP. Actual Play is a type of RPG media, but in board gaming, the abbreviation is used for a design issue: Analysis Paralysis
BGG. A common shorthand for Board Game Geek
DAW. Digital Audio Workstation
Dealer. Another name for constructor player role, especially when operating on cards.
Free Improvisation. [in one of the understandings it's] a synonym for non-idiomatic music
FROMG. The First Rule Of Music Games: "The main aim of playing a music game is to play good music".
Game piece. Another name for a music game.
Gamer (role). other name for a: Player
GDQ. Games Done Quick, a charity event about speedrunning.
GM. Game Master
Hambone. A name for body percussion in African and American context.
IEM. Improvised experimental music
Johnny. a category of a player in psychographics, plays for self-expression
LARP. Live action role-playing
Leader problem. See: quarterbacking

NPC. Non-player character
OP. Overpowered [about a strategy or an element of the game]
Playtesting. Part of game development process where you check what the actual game experience is. Key phase of iterative design.
Preparation. See: instrument preparation.

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