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Skill floor. Minimum skill required to play the game. See: Learning curve
Spike. a category of a player in psychographics, plays for the challenge
Tagging Out. A transition done when one player (usually of his or her own initiative) swaps in for another player.
Timmy. a category of a player in psychographics, plays for an unusual experience
VGM. Video Game Music. Soundtracks of computer games.
Warm-Up. A simple activity that improves engagement in complex ones
Win condition. Same as victory condition.

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  1. Book Sources
  2. Carl Bergstroem Nielsen
  3. Conducting
  4. Contribute
  5. Creative Exercises
  6. Drum Talk
  7. Formalized Music
  8. Formalized Music Thought And Mathematics In Composition
  9. I Found This Sound For You
  10. Listening Book
  11. More games
  12. Movement for Ears / Rumble Ball / Body Conductor / Dance Conducting
  13. New Games Book
  14. Practical
  15. Skills Exercises
  16. The Audition
  17. The Freemasons
  18. The Impersonator
  19. Two-chord Jam / Six-note Jam
  20. Who Cares If You Listen
  21. Women Music Culture
  22. Writing Music
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