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Games might be cooperative or competitive, but also have it mixed as cooptional or with teams. Games without interaction and goals will fall into cooperative category.

Co-optionality. A feature of a game — co-optional game may be played both cooperatively and competitively during a single playthrough.


List of pages tagged with cooptional:

100 Events, no 35 (M.L. Knowles) words by letters event
#1722 Your Commuting Sounds imitate your travels
3-split an improv inspiration for listening and reacting
Angelic/Devilish Choir conducted level of discord
AWSS169 Write a Rite immediate writing and performance rite
Balloon Stomp Legacy a variation on a noisy classic
Boy & Girl Clap complex rhythms played after body positions
CH27 eye contact and doing nothing rite
Chansonnée music based on a song description
CHSTBOR15A (The Broken Object Rite) broken object rite
CHTHOR15 (The Hidden Object Rite) hidden object rite
Danish Clapping independent clapping decisions
Divider! split a melody by notes
Djent Game a wild exercise in polyrhythms
Drive in Burger learn a rhythm while performing other
Event Lists Game Template a game of many games, yet very simple
Exotic Constellations weird line-ups
Fingernail Piece writing on nails and paying attention to fingers
Flipping Orders doing the opposite warm-up
Fluxfestkit Legacy musical scores of the Fluxus movement for a workshop
Game Over musical interactions with cue cards
HMSCR104 (Commentary Rite) commentary rite
Into The Labyrinth, lvl 1 includes an app for solo tries
Keychange Game roll dice to change key
LH158 Set Strategy Rite matching or opposing rite
Magic Music direct the action by the volume of music
Movement for Ears ideas for interpreting physical movement
Musical Tetris, lvl 1 simple game based on rhythm and musical skill available also to non-musicians
Mutual Prescriptions series CBN's piece about range of parameters
Pass the Sound miming and sounding, pair by pair
Patch Exchange playing on an unfamiliar instrument
Perception 4 a very quiet duet
Phrase Dealer deal short phrases and keep players attentive
Rotary Jam switching duos
Running Cues making the conductor moving to reach players with cues
Shuffled Cues conductor has limited options of cueing the players
Signals Game rhythm from gestures
This Instrument is Not What it Seems faking one instrument with another
TMCR39 (Cards Rite) playing 'good' or 'bad' sounds depending on a card
Trigger Cards Cards that trigger events
Two-headed Soloist improvise a melody one note at a time
Volume Waves emergent structures from adjusting your volume to other players
What You Hear Is What You Get (To Do) closely following the soloist
Who Started It? guessing the leader of the group improvisation
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