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List of pages tagged with cooptional:

  1. 3-split
  2. CH27
  3. Chansonnée
  5. CHTHOR15
  6. CMH-CR135
  7. Democratic Chord Writing
  8. Djent Game
  9. Event Lists Game Template
  10. Exotic Constellations
  11. Fluxfestkit Legacy
  12. Game Over
  13. HMSCR104
  14. Into The Labyrinth, lvl 1
  15. Keychange Game
  16. Magic Music
  17. Movement for Ears
  18. Musical Tetris, lvl 1
  19. Mutual Prescriptions series
  20. Perception 4
  21. Running Cues
  22. Shuffled Cues
  23. This Instrument is Not What it Seems
  24. TMCR39
  25. Two-headed Soloist
  26. Volume Waves

Games might be cooperative or competitive, but also have it mixed as cooptional or with teams. Games without interaction and goals have no special tag.

Co-optionality. A feature of a game — co-optional game may be played cooperationally and competitively during a single playthrough.

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