Pieces by Tag

Everything is an event, but events tag applies when events are individually described.

Event (musical event). "Anything" that can happen — (in our case) a unit of music at any given scale of consideration.


List of pages tagged with events:

0' 00'' action with amplification
ABP128 set of nine basic sounds rite
AWSS169 Write a Rite immediate writing and performance rite
Bottle of water sounds of water event
CCSBR7 (Stupid Book Rite) stupid book rite
Choice 10 (R. Bozzi) fighting over violin event
CHTIGR20 (The Island Game Rite) island game rite
Dice Contract with risk of playing many rounds
Diced Events roll for musical aspects
Drip Music dripping water event
Event Lists Game Template a game of many games, yet very simple
Evolution of music moving up and down the event list
Fluxfestkit Legacy musical scores of the Fluxus movement for a workshop
Mutual Prescriptions series CBN's piece about range of parameters
Opus 25 (E. Andersen) object and system event
Opus 27 (E. Andersen) long violin tone event
Orchestra of the Junkyard found sound workshop
Personal Postcards postcards workshop
Piece for Any Number of Vocalists concurrent independent songs
Rainbow No.2 for Orchestra amateurish major scale event
Symphony No.3, Fluxversion 1 falling of chairs event
Textmusic 3 CBN's cards piece from 1975
Travel Routes using a map for reading music
Trigger Cards Cards that trigger events
Whoop Event run around and yell event
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