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1. Eric Andersen, Opus 25 (1961)
14. Albert M. Fine, Concerto for Solo Piano and Performer
15. Ken Friedman, Whoop Event (1964)
2. Eric Andersen, Opus 27 (1961)
24. Alison Knowles, Piece for Any Number of Vocalists (1962)
26. Bob Lens, Bottle of water
3. Ay-O, Rainbow No.1 for Orchestra
4. Ay-O, Rainbow No.2 for Orchestra
6. Robert Bozzi, A Piece for Chieko Shiomi (1966)
7. Robert Bozzi, Choice 10 (1966)
8. George Brecht, Drip Music (1959)
9. George Brecht, Symphony No.3, Fluxversion 1 (1964)
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Diced Events
Event Lists Game Template
Evolution of music
Fluxfestkit Legacy
Mutual Prescriptions series
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Event. "Anything" in music terms — a unit of music at any given scale of consideration.

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