List of pages tagged with few:

1. Eric Andersen, Opus 25 (1961)
15 Cards
17. Dick Higgins, Danger Music Number Seventeen (1962)
2. Eric Andersen, Opus 27 (1961)
24. Alison Knowles, Piece for Any Number of Vocalists (1962)
25. Takehisa Kosugi, Organic Music (1963)
43. Robert Watts, Event:10 (1962)
46. Emmett Williams, In Unison (1962)
47. Emmett Williams, Song of Uncertain Length (1960)
Circle of 5
Convergent Ostinato
Counterpoint Party
Democratic Chord Writing
Dice Contract
Djent Game
Draw It Yourself
Dueling Bumblebees
Evolution of music
Exotic Constellations
Harmony Duets
Into the Labyrinth
Jeu Des Moutons
Musical Tetris
Musical Tetris, lvl 1
Nightlife of Machines
Perception 4
Sea-game game
Song Association
Stay In Character
Textmusic 3
This Instrument is Not What it Seems
Travel Routes

At G4M few players means up to 3 and many marks games for 10 or more players.
If a game is very flexible as for amount of players, it may be tagged with both.

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