Pieces by Tag

Found tag is for activities that use found sound, and also those where instrument preparation is required (generally it is rarely forbidden).

Found sound. Music material that was not produced by an instrument or vocals.
Instrument Preparation. Altering sounds of the instruments by placing objects on/in/around it.

List of pages tagged with found:

Bottle of water sounds of water event
Calls, Canto 5 phone underwater event
CHSTBOR15A broken object rite
CHTHOR15 hidden object rite
Drip Music dripping water event
Event:10 match lighting and bell event
Found Sound playing with found sound
Game Over musical interactions with cue cards
Opus 25 (E. Andersen) object and system event
Orchestra of the Junkyard found sound workshop
Organic Music breathing in rhythm event
Possible Flux Performance or Postfluxgame letting the balloon go event
Rhythm Ball sport with drums
Stones from: Christian Wolff, Prose Collection (1968)
Symphony No.3, Fluxversion 1 falling of chairs event
You Made Your Bed mixing unknown samples
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