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Gestures tag describes games influenced by hand movements. It might mean that a conductor will directly and purposefully shape the music or that gestures serve some other aim.

Conductor (role). Participant that makes music without producing sounds directly.

List of pages tagged with gestures:

  1. Alison Knowles, Piece for Any Number of Vocalists (1962)
  2. Angelic/Devilish Choir
  3. AWZK170
  4. Balloon Stomp Legacy
  5. Bees
  6. CJ81
  7. Conductor
  8. Conductor's Remote
  9. Djent Game
  10. Event Lists Game Template
  11. Exploring Polyphony
  12. Game Over
  13. Hand Piece (With Memory Function)
  14. Head Shoulders Knees Toes
  15. Into the Labyrinth
  16. LH159 Pop Rite
  17. Modulo Game
  18. Movement for Ears
  19. Mutual Prescriptions series
  20. Nightlife of Machines
  21. P-S-Rock
  22. Room Score
  23. Rubber Kip
  24. Signals Game
  25. Step In / The Echoing Well
  26. The Audition
  27. The Freemasons
  28. The Impersonator
  29. The Snake
  30. Zip Zap Zop
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