Pieces by Tag

Gestures tag describes games influenced by hand movements. It might mean that a conductor will directly and purposefully shape the music or that gestures serve some other aim.

Conductor (role). Participant that makes music without producing sounds directly.


List of pages tagged with gestures:

Angelic/Devilish Choir conducted level of discord
AWZK170 mind-body connection rite
Balloon Stomp Legacy a variation on a noisy classic
Bees communicate with a kazoo and body movement
CJ81 silence split rite
Conductor (T. Wishart) assemble fixed sounds of singers
Conductor's Remote a situation of strong asymmetry
Djent Game a wild exercise in polyrhythms
Event Lists Game Template a game of many games, yet very simple
Exploring Polyphony conducting to create harmonic patterns
Game Over musical interactions with cue cards
Hand Piece (With Memory Function) training for Cobra
Head Shoulders Knees Toes body movement and shouting warm-up
Into the Labyrinth steer by sound
LH159 Pop Rite dance not to a song
Modulo Game math results in changing length of entries
Movement for Ears ideas for interpreting physical movement
Mutual Prescriptions series CBN's piece about range of parameters
Nightlife of Machines conducting results in changing length of entries
Piece for Any Number of Vocalists concurrent independent songs
P-S-Rock guessing, counting, playing three moods
Room Score pointing to places
Rubber Kip a quick fun shouting warm-up
Signals Game rhythm from gestures
Step In / The Echoing Well shout into the well warm-up
The Audition judged competition in subgroups
The Freemasons mysteriously stylized conducting exchange
The Impersonator famous person musically illustrated
The Snake guided gestures and sounds
Zip Zap Zop spatial reactions warm-up
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