Pieces by Tag

Some tasks are frequent. Players may have to interpret given content musically, others might have to listen for specific sound or guess its meaning. In some cases maybe stretch their memory to recall something later. Games with speeding-up usually test your performance ability.

List of pages tagged with guess:

#1722 Your Commuting Sounds imitate your travels
Agents looking for your sound pair or spotting misfits
Animal Sounds making sounds and guessing
Entitled Piece one of the loosest text prompts possible
Magic Music direct the action by the volume of music
Mating Game animal pairs group chaos
Mood Guessing many moods at once
Musical Dixit an adaptation of a board game played with images
P-S-Rock guessing, counting, playing three moods
Song Association (game/mechanic) find a song with a given word and perform it (+variants)
The Impersonator famous person musically illustrated
This Instrument is Not What it Seems faking one instrument with another
Where Are We? guessing the soundscape
Winking Murderer: The Musical a classic children games adapted to sounds
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