All Pieces by Tag

There are tags for four levels of difficulty: easy, low-mid, high-mid and hard. Notice that in the library table there are only three with intermediate levels unified. The classification is overall, for both musical skill needed and the complexity of rules and strategizing.

List of pages tagged with high-mid:

  1. ACSRS64
  2. AWEP172 Exploration/Creation
  3. Cantus Firmus
  4. Chansonnée
  6. CHTHOR15
  7. Composition Exercise #113
  8. Convergent Ostinato
  9. Counterpoint Party
  10. Diced Events
  11. Divider!
  12. Djent Game
  13. Flipping Orders
  14. Harmony Duets
  15. Into the Labyrinth
  16. Keychange Game
  17. Mood Guessing
  18. Musical Tetris
  19. Mutual Prescriptions series
  20. Progressions
  21. Rhythm Ball
  22. Silent Concerto
  23. Six Stroke Phase
  24. Staircase
  25. Supersound!
  26. Terry Riley: In C
  27. Travel Routes
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