Pieces by Tag

There are tags for four levels of difficulty: easy, low-mid, high-mid and hard. Notice that in the library table there are only three with intermediate levels unified. The classification is overall, for both musical skill needed and the complexity of rules and strategizing.

List of pages tagged with high-mid:

ACSRS64 (Sitting Room Song) extending a phrase to end tutti rite
AWEP172 Exploration/Creation inspired actions rite
Cantus Firmus slowed down phrase used as a background
Chansonnée music based on a song description
CHSTBOR15A (The Broken Object Rite) broken object rite
CHTHOR15 (The Hidden Object Rite) hidden object rite
Convergent Ostinato making a random pattern typically harmonious
Diced Events roll for musical aspects
Divider! split a melody by notes
Djent Game a wild exercise in polyrhythms
Flipping Orders doing the opposite warm-up
For 3 Groups of Singers repeating phrases given by dice
Harmony Duets harmonizing in turns
Into the Labyrinth steer by sound
Keychange Game roll dice to change key
Mood Guessing many moods at once
Musical Tetris fitting your sounds between others
Mutual Prescriptions series CBN's piece about range of parameters
Progressions from one chord to another
Rhythm Ball sport with drums
Silent Concerto cooperating on a composition without talking
Six Stroke Phase learning polymeters process
Staircase solos limited by note numbers
Stay In Character check a "Melody" character for a solo run, if you know a bit of music theory
Supersound! coming up with new sounds
Travel Routes using a map for reading music
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