Pieces by Tag

Some games need to be played in-genre or might be adjusted to such playing. When a game is fixed within a single genre, ambient and minimalism are relatively frequent.

Genre. A conventional category that identifies some work (piece of music, game, etc.) as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions.


List of pages tagged with in-genre:

Antakshari a word-chain game popular in India
Cantus Firmus slowed down phrase used as a background
Comping Game jazz drumming exercise
Composition Exercise #113 a joke on Schönberg
Conductor's Remote a situation of strong asymmetry
Djent Game a wild exercise in polyrhythms
Inspiriodical get inspired by a headline
Keychange Game roll dice to change key
Magic Music direct the action by the volume of music
Nightlife of Machines conducting results in changing length of entries
Offbeat Metronome
Quotas prescribed amounts of notes
Rotary Jam switching duos
Snippets a very short fragment of music for inspiration
Song Association (game/mechanic) find a song with a given word and perform it (+variants)
Song Performance (game/mechanic) sing a song with obstacles
Three-note Jam start from a narrow pitch set
Trading Fours Battle judged percussive exchanges
Trigger Cards Cards that trigger events
Two-chord Jam improvising to two random chords
Two-headed Soloist improvise a melody one note at a time
Vocal Band circlesongs process
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