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Some games might need to be played in-genre or can be adjusted to such playing.
When a game is fixed within a single genre, ambient and minimalism are relatively frequent.

Genre. A conventional category that identifies some work (piece of music, game, etc.) as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions.

List of pages tagged with in-genre:

  1. Cantus Firmus
  2. Comping Game
  3. Composition Exercise #113
  4. Conductor's Remote
  5. Democratic Chord Writing
  6. Djent Game
  7. Inspiriodical
  8. Keychange Game
  9. Magic Music
  10. Nightlife of Machines
  11. Quotas
  12. Rotary Jam
  13. Snippets
  14. Song Association (game/mechanic)
  15. Three-note Jam
  16. Trading Fours Battle
  17. Trigger Cards
  18. Two-chord Jam
  19. Two-headed Soloist
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