Pieces by Tag

Some tasks are frequent. Players may have to interpret given content musically, others might have to listen for specific sound or guess its meaning. In some cases maybe stretch their memory to recall something later. Games with speeding-up usually test your performance ability.


List of pages tagged with memory:

ACSRS64 / Sitting Room Song extending a phrase to end tutti rite
Adder! extending the chain of sounds
Antakshari a word-chain game popular in India
Cantus Firmus slowed down phrase used as a background
Developing a Linear Rhythm additive rhythm for aural learning
Divider! split a melody by notes
Feeling Time subdivision of a pulse exercise
Flying Voices body movement for melody memorization
For 3 Groups of Singers repeating phrases given by dice
Game in Ear Training repeating phrases with a blindfold
Générique playing after role-played discussion
Hand Piece (With Memory Function) training for Cobra
Into the Labyrinth steer by sound
Jeu Des Moutons a variation over Les Moutons de Panurge piece
Modulo Game math results in changing length of entries
Quotas prescribed amounts of notes
Six Stroke Phase learning polymeters process
Song Association (game/mechanic) find a song with a given word and perform it (+variants)
Supersound! coming up with new sounds
The Birth of Music memorization and improvisation workshop
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