List of pages tagged with no-props:

15. Ken Friedman, Whoop Event (1964)
18. Dick Higgins, Danger Music Number Seventeen (1962)
2. Eric Andersen, Opus 27 (1961)
24. Alison Knowles, Piece for Any Number of Vocalists (1962)
30. Larry Miller, 100 Yard Metronome Run (1970)
40. Ben Vautier, Run (1963)
4. Ay-O, Rainbow No.2 for Orchestra
7. Robert Bozzi, Choice 10 (1966)
9. George Brecht, Symphony No.3, Fluxversion 1 (1964)
Conductor's Remote
Convergent Ostinato
Counterpoint Party
Democratic Chord Writing
Djent Game
Entitled Piece
Exotic Constellations
Frederic Rzewski, Les Moutons de Panurge
Hand Piece (With Memory Function)
Loop Cycle
Movement for Ears
Musical Tetris
Musical Tetris, lvl 1
Mutual Prescriptions series
Nightlife of Machines
Perception 4
Room Score
Travel Routes
Two-headed Soloist
Volume Waves

Games with this tag will not need special preparation. However, musical instruments and sufficient space might be needed.

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