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Games may use words both as a mechanic and as a musical result, including recitation, calls, singing, etc. Some role-play or basing the game on narratives may also happen. If you want all of it, maybe improvisational theatre is a thing for you.

RPG. Role-Playing Game, a game where the main focus is assuming the role of a fictional character.


List of pages tagged with role-play:

AWEP172 Exploration/Creation inspired actions rite
Bees communicate with a kazoo and body movement
Conversations assuming a personality to play
Creating Soundscapes workshop process for soundscapes
Fairy Tale just follow the narrative
Générique playing after role-played discussion
Mating Game animal pairs group chaos
Pass the Sound miming and sounding, pair by pair
Soundtrack! illustrate a narrative
SS155 Willy Nilly fun sounds orated rite
Stay In Character check a "Melody" character for a solo run, if you know a bit of music theory
The Freemasons mysteriously stylized conducting exchange
The Ping Pong Ball reactions to imagined object warm-up
The Snake guided gestures and sounds
Variations on a Theme story-to-music in five steps
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