List of pages tagged with solo:

10. George Brecht, For a Drummer (for Eric) (1966)
1. Eric Andersen, Opus 25 (1961)
13. Luce Fierens, Possible Flux Performance or Postfluxgame (1987)
17. Dick Higgins, Danger Music Number Seventeen (1962)
2. Eric Andersen, Opus 27 (1961)
21. Bengt af Klintberg, Calls, Canto 6 (1966)
26. Bob Lens, Bottle of water
32. Yoko Ono, Lighting Piece (1955)
40. Ben Vautier, Run (1963)
47. Emmett Williams, Song of Uncertain Length (1960)
8. George Brecht, Drip Music (1959)
Game in Ear Training
Harmony Duets
Into the Labyrinth
Into the Labyrinth, lvl 1
Jeu Des Moutons
Song Association
Stay In Character
The Audition
Tonic (Card Set)
Trading Fours Battle

Solo games include a one-person performance (this includes but is not restricted to games with a "single-player" mode).

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