List of pages tagged with spatial:

15. Ken Friedman, Whoop Event (1964)
26. Bob Lens, Bottle of water
30. Larry Miller, 100 Yard Metronome Run (1970)
31. Larry Miller, 220 Yard Balloon Dash (1970)
40. Ben Vautier, Run (1963)
45. Emmett Williams, Ten Arrangements for Five Performers (1962)
47. Emmett Williams, Song of Uncertain Length (1960)
7. Robert Bozzi, Choice 10 (1966)
Attack of the Rhythm Dancer
Evolution of music
Magic Music
Mating Game
Movement for Ears
Rhythm Ball
Room Score
Running Cues
The Freemasons
The Impersonator
Where Are We?

Spatial games use the environment extensively. This may mean specific requirements, character of the experience and musical opportunities. Players will move around in some way.

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