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Tonal games might or have to be played in a harmony context (mostly in Western tuning).


List of pages tagged with tonal:

Cantus Firmus slowed down phrase used as a background
Composition Exercise #113 a joke on Schönberg
Dueling Bumblebees playing with semitones
Exploring Polyphony conducting to create harmonic patterns
Flying Voices body movement for melody memorization
For 3 Groups of Singers repeating phrases given by dice
FRLMDP47 (F. Rzewski) Les Moutons de Panurge piece as a rite
GC166 Sweet Singing Rite gargling covers rite
Harmony Duets harmonizing in turns
Nightlife of Machines conducting results in changing length of entries
Opus 27 (E. Andersen) long violin tone event
Rainbow No.2 for Orchestra amateurish major scale event
Song Association (game/mechanic) find a song with a given word and perform it (+variants)
Song Performance (game/mechanic) sing a song with obstacles
Staircase solos limited by note numbers
SyndaKit pre-composed phrases interacting
Three-note Jam start from a narrow pitch set
Tuning in from dissonance to consonance
Two-headed Soloist improvise a melody one note at a time
Vocal Band circlesongs process
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