List of Unattributed Games and Activities

Links underlined with orange lead to free-form activities, links with green lead to well-defined games, blue ones lead to playable items from outside of the library.

Below you can find games that are anonymous, traditional, or with an unknown author.

Any information is welcome.

3-split an improv inspiration for listening and reacting
Antakshari a word-chain game popular in India
Balloon Stomp Legacy a variation on a noisy classic
Bounce-the-sound hot potato for music
Conductor's Remote a situation of strong asymmetry
Draw It Yourself ideas for fun with graphic scores
Entitled Piece one of the loosest text prompts possible
Evolution of music moving up and down the event list
Fairy Tale just follow the narrative
Fluxfestkit Legacy musical scores of the Fluxus movement for a workshop
Game in Ear Training repeating phrases with a blindfold
Magic Music direct the action by the volume of music
Movement for Ears ideas for interpreting physical movement
Running Cues making the conductor moving to reach players with cues
Shuffled Cues conductor has limited options of cueing the players
Song Association (game/mechanic) find a song with a given word and perform it (+variants)
Song Performance (game/mechanic) sing a song with obstacles
Two-headed Soloist improvise a melody one note at a time
Volume Waves emergent structures from adjusting your volume to other players

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