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BGG is the go-to platform for every content related to board games. The most impressive feature is a catalog that gathers the whole history of the medium (128 000+ games). Titles interesting from our perspective are gathered in Music category (which includes also merely music-themed games) and under Singing mechanic (where singing is sometimes a very small part of the whole game).

One of the many features of BGG are lists and here you may find music-related ones from wiki editor, including:

Having a musically rich experiences to buy in a box is rather not popular. More often the game relates to music just with a setting, by employing tests of musical trivia knowledge, or by providing a theoretical education (in the school curriculum). Here are a few more notable titles from the Board Game Geek database.

Music games on BGG

pic2569412.jpg Scott Joplin Melody Dicer: The Music Making Game a ragtime take on Musikalisches W├╝rfelspiel
pic3483909.jpg Dixit provides an awesome set of inspire cards (especially with all extensions) and may be played musically with its existing rules when "playing music" replaces the basic variant of "speaking".
pic94984.jpg Signs a set of cards designed by Peter Brotzmann specifically for improvisation.
pic121259.jpg Images integrates with Signs.
pic1225739.jpg Cacophony noisy charades with body movement.
pic830014.jpg Muzundrum the one that introduced a 12-sided Musician's Dice (with pitches on sides)
pic6280372.png A game about WEE WHIMSICAL CREATURES and trying to identify them after someone makes noises (soon as print-to-play)
PATCH: The Card Game a deck for exploring modular synthesis.
honorable mention:
pic621252.jpg Cobra a strategy game that was an inspiration and a namesake for one of games of John Zorn, probably the most famous game piece ever.

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