Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)

"Composition Exercises" is a series of texts by Tobias Reber (composer, instrumentalist, facilitator).
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They might be useful, interesting, conceptual, funny and also performable. Here are a few examples:

Cempekitien Oxorciko #25

Choose a random text – a news article, a poem, anything.

Replace every “s” with a “k” and vice versa.

Then swap every “e” with an “o” and vice versa.

Read it to the next person without any explanation, and with a straight face.

Composition Exercise #113

Play any Schönberg piece, but only play the notes belonging to C major.

Of about 500 scores, jokes and other ideas, close to the heart are especially the calls to engage with escape rooms (323), scavenger hunts (66, 384) and board games (452).

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Individual cues with the kind agreement from the author are used in the random score feature:

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