G4M on Mastodon

Games for Music's Mastodon account is at http://tabletop.vip/@gamesformusic since 2022, and if you edit the wiki, you can join or take over the social media duties at any time, for example by volunteering in the comments below. The activity is a continuation of G4M Twittering, where the account was deactivated in 2023.

Comparing to the "birdsite" there is less promotional activity (hype hashtags and talking) and much more helpful polls, which generally have much (much) higher response rate than before. It is quite sad that many great contacts from Twitter didn't move to the Fediverse (yet?), but there were also new accounts and activities to encounter here.

As a discovery tool G4M's Mastodon has the best follows and well-maintained mute-list for words or accounts. ;) There is no "followed accounts cap" like before, because the mechanism is different. The "follow back" policy applies to those who show any connection to games or music in their description or #introduction post. Although later the unfollow may occur depending on contents of the feed. Posting images only, or just short jokes is the most frequent reason for distancing @gamesformusic a bit, because such toots don't give any technical way of opting out. Hashtags on Mastodon are great, please consider marking appropriately each your #joke or #meme.

The auto-delete option is on, but some toots are kept. The current practice is to hold on to about 50 entries historical or current.

Automated fellow users

If there's a bot on Mastodon that may help or inspire you to play improvised music, let's have it on a list below:

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