G4M Twittering

As of 2023, the Twitter account of Games for Music is deactivated, the following is left for historical reasons.

Games for Music's Twitter is at http://twitter.com/gamesformusic since May 2020 and if you edit the wiki, you can join or take over the Twitter duties at any time, for example by volunteering in the comments below.

The account is honed as a discovery tool, with the best follows (capped at 300) and well-maintained mute-list for words or accounts. There is no "follow back" policy, but if you post about music games, we'd like to follow you regardless of your following choices towards us.


The account initiates the monthly hashtagged thread, where any user may join (or leave) the list of user-tags with the intention to share or read info on current developments in their music-game-related work. Started with 2021, and went for half a year as a weekly "notification flush" — now it's a bit better when not that often, happening on each last Thursday/Friday of the month.

This action is inspired by #boardgamersLift, #meetupMonday, and #craftingWednesday hashtags that are present in boardgaming areas of Twitter.


Every other Tuesday/Wednesday we show an image of one of our random scores. This serves the same function as here, to put more spotlight on games (or content) that use musical cues.

Followers Raffle

Each time we hit a followers benchmark, we have a festive raffle with the main prize being a vague "free service" in the area of interest and a game recommendation for every "like". The winner is drafted from those who retweet the raffle post. This celebration happens at the followers count of: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 (and this last one, frankly… no idea why didn't happen yet!

The raffle is not called off when the follower count falls below a benchmark. ;) The prize accounts to maybe 2-4 hours of work, related to games or to music. If you edit the wiki regularly, you may be approached by the Twitter-duty editor for help with that, but feel absolutely free to decline if the task at hand will not be fun for you.


#ICanHazPDF is a hashtag to share/look for academic PDFs on Twitter.

Many things may be done. Sometimes we join #editTheWiki hashtag where activity promotion gets a bit more general. And same as here, on Twitter we maintain the Creative Commons ethos (avoiding copyright infringement even for fun). However, gladly following the grey line when it comes to re-tweeting such content, or gathering more participants to topical literature sharing #ICanHazPDF style.

The presence of G4M on Twitter is less visible than the content that got added to the wiki, thanks to finding out about it throught Twitter. It's nice to see so many creative people working in the areas related to music games, adding their own flavor to this great intersection.

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