How to "Games for Music"

For most purposes, the menu on the left sidebar will be your best first steps. If you want to find a music game by specific requirement, check for number of players, difficulty and time under "Music Games Library". Otherwise, the most powerful tool at your disposal is a tag cloud that is also available on the left sidebar.


With tags you can access free-form and well-defined games, and also find articles that describe music games that for various reasons are not part of the library. See all tags with explanation.


Black links lead you to a glossary, where the first paragraph is a basic definition of the term. Further paragraphs develop the topic, hopefully guiding also to a theory behind a described notion.


Check out this video from notrightmusic's YouTube channel (who is a co-creator of this wiki). As we improve our wiki all the time, you will notice some changes comparing to the video below, but the general idea behind the page remines the same.

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