Improvised Music - Open Scores

IM-OS is a journal established in 2019, focused on improvised music, open scores in various forms like prose, graphic and action notations.

It appears in online and paper form and publishes pieces (also game pieces) and articles about open works of music. Co-edited by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen (Denmark) and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland). Other contributors include: Michael Pisaro, Alexis Porfiriadis, Federico Pozzer, Peter Schuback, Glenn Sogge, Jacob Thompson Bell, Johan Toft, Samuel Vriezen and Adam Izaak Wasążnik.

See also: Synzine magazine

IM-OS #10
Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Cycle
Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, RABR Analysis - Rating Degrees Of Openness In Experimental Repertory, Part I
CBN, Small notes
Laura Toxværd, KEYS

IM-OS #9
Nolan Hildebrand, Call for interpretation of graphic scores
Matthias Schwabe, Improvisation exercises for large groups
Maria Sappho, Artificatal Lyfe
Anton Lukoszevieze interview (Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen)
Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, The co-creating musician
Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Small notes
Fernando Palacios, Piezas Gráficas (two pieces)

IM-OS #8
Carl Ludwig Hübsch on Onemindedness
Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Floating Fragments
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, The symbols of conducted improvisation and their creative use
Musicians discuss conducted improvisation
Etienne Rolin, Composition 5
Una McGlone, Visual strategies for sound: the key to graphic scores
Small notes [ Harmonic series, Graphème ]
The Noisebringers (Maria Sappho, Brice Catherin, Henry McPherson), Foutraque

IM-OS #7
John Voigt, Music from drawing lines and a map of Harlem
Alan Brett, Reflections on the Scratch Orchestra [a text based on earlier: Alan-Brett text]
Transcript of BBC interview with Cornelius Cardew about the Scratch Orchestra
Andreja Andric, Excerpts from Meditations (VII) for any ensemble
Stefan Szczelkun, Cornelius Cardew, the Scratch Orchestra and its Text Scores 1966 - 72. 22
Stefan Szczelkun, Compositions No 1 and 2 for the Scratch Orchestra
Christopher Hobbs, Voicepiece
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Small notes

IM-OS #6
Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Animated notation
Gene Pritsker, Sound Liberation Improvisation #’s 4-6
Daniel Barbiero, Interpreting three open-form compositions
Cristiano Bocci, Paths

IM-OS #5
Alexis Porfiriadis, Open Forms - Open Decisions, part 2 [article]
Stephen Montague, Quintet (1976)
Enquete​: ​Discussing open scores​ (Joe Scarffe, Ruedi Debrunner, Stephen Montague, Federico Pozzer, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)
Juan María Solares, Punctuation​

IM-OS #4
Alexis Porfiriadis, Open Form – Open Decisions: decision making in openform compositions for groups, Part 1 [article]
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, slow motion resistance
​Sarah Blair​, Language scored as music (Donald Trump aural score)
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, DEX

IM-OS #3
Samuel Vriezen, Linking
Alexis Porfiriadis, Radschlag
Peter Schuback, l’heure du panurge
Adam Izaak Wasążnik, Game pieces as games, part 2​ [article] + Into-the-Labyrinth

IM-OS #2
Jacob Thompson-Bell, Sounds at Somerset House
Federico Pozzer, Breathing Instuctions
Glenn Sogge, Gestures
Adam Izaak Wasążnik, Game pieces as games [article]

IM-OS #1
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Open Scores – what is this? [article]
Jacob Thompson-Bell, Amusement Arcade
Johan Toft, Changeable Spring
Michael Pisaro, Athena, Aristotle, Helen

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