logo-black-new.svg is a platform active since 2013, focused on indie (independent) games, where creators put many types of downloadable content, including recorded music. Account holders may use site's technical features for exposure and payment processing.

The site is dominated by video games, but tabletop RPGs are not rare, and you may find also musical games close to our library scope. Games that you play while listening to specifically chosen music are also present, a few selected examples will also be shown on the list below. Different inspiration from our intersection of topics are explored at game jams, like Record Collection game jam, or one dedicated to John Cage's work, 4'33'' Jam.

For our context, there is not much to say about the site itself. The list of wiki-adjacent games is the main focus of this article.

  • there could maybe be more rows with "sold" in the 4th column, but it's harder to confirm the nature of some of those titles as a description is not always sufficient,
  • "mix" is either "pay-what-you-want" model or a regular availability of community copies.

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