Frederic Rzewski, Les Moutons de Panurge

Frederic Rzewski's piece is available at International Music Score Library Project,
Notice that the license doesn't cover public performance.

The game of sheep

The title is a reference to a story in Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel and "mouton" means "sheep". The expression describes those that follow sheepishly. With that in mind in the song there is an interesting direction: "If you get lost, stay lost", which in this case makes the music more interesting.

Interestingly, the piece is written both for musicians and non-musicians to perform and it uses a well-known mechanic from children games that we'll call stacking. At every turn the note is added and the phrase gets longer and harder to remember.

To take inspiration from "Les Moutons…" you can apply the same process to any song that is familiar to all participants of the music game meeting. This might let you look at some trivial pieces in a new light.

Thank you to James Aylward for suggesting this piece.

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