Library Scope

Below you will find minor restrictions and additional information on what pieces are the best fit for our library and in what direction we plan to develop.


Help us be neutral as for what is music or what is good music. Let’s also not venture into whether music games should be “high art”, “entertainment” or whether such a distinction is relevant.

Yet, the game in the library needs to result in new sounds produced (not only cause a shift of attention toward existing ones). Games may, but don’t have to involve a performance within established tradition, may or may not have an easily recognizable organization or expressivity, but they should let players have an agency over the sound result.

General authorial intent: player’s experience

Speaking of players, it should be noted that shaping a distinct performer’s experience should be considered the most important result of an in-library game. A rich concept or a spectacle are here secondary.

We believe that achieving the above aim is impossible without testing. If your game was not tried out by a diverse group of players, our forum is a great place to look for playtesters.

The character of game experience might be diverse (even “merely” educational), but here at G4M no instructional score should put a performer in any risk of harm. As a rule of thumb think that children, although not our main target group, should for now not be excluded from any content.

Technical matters, to some definitions

We encourage the usage of the least demanding solutions as for equipment (pen and paper, a hand gesture, etc.). Consider adding such as a variant to broaden the player base.

Linear activities are not excluded from Games for Music but should be complemented with other playful features, for example challenge or social interaction. Graphic scores may be added, but will be part of a single separate collection.

Let’s stay in touch

We hope that the information above is helpful. If you don’t find a match with, we’ll try to connect you with other venues — ask in the forum if someone knows a perfect place for your piece.

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