Mud Cavaliers

For Polish modern music they are kind of "super group" (and that's rare). The band members are:
- Krzysztof Knittel - electronics,
- Jerzy Kornowicz - piano,
- Ryszard Latecki - trumpet, percussion,
- Mieczysław Litwiński - percussion, vocals, other…,
- Tadeusz Sudnik - electrionics,
- Tadeusz Wielecki - double bass.

This text is about how this ensemble's (indirect so far) influence for the Warsaw "scene" of music games. It's just a few remarks, but if you want solid info, the English bio of Mud Cavaliers is available online (lacking note about Ryszard Latecki, but he is the one who takes care for YouTube recordings).

Individually musicians of Mud Cavaliers have connections to jazz, ethnic/traditional, classical and other and collaborated with such authorities as John Cage or Tomasz Stańko. They are set well in the specific Polish establishment, by being Warsaw Autumn festival organizers and by presiding in Polish Composers Society (still individually ;) ). All in all, they have a strong influence on Polish cultural life. Their collective explorations are certainly hard to idiomatize, but may be described as modern/intuitive.

Music games are very much in line with some trends in modern music. What is especially fitting in the case of Mud Cavalliers, that they are known for performing and arranging modern music together with musicians foreign to that field. Their annual "Market for new and used sounds" is a workshop that gathers participants from many different ways of musical endeavour. I (odolany) can say from first hand, that this is indeed a nice, "anti-elitist" ;) experience that allows to peek at compositional/arranging process and share ideas or discuss approaches.

I had an opportunity of talking over the interactive and playful aspects of music, too. Moreover, in different years there were in sum quite a few of us there who lately play and influence music games in Warsaw. And actually Mud Cavalliers' workshops were organized in a club (Przestrzeń prywatna) which hosted our first music games meetings. But maybe the best connection would be that resulting live pieces are quite often very gamey in appearance and performance, especially in conducting aspect:

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