Pass The Sound series

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We will focus on the resource that the project provided, a series of videos which present group workshop activities known at large from improvisational theatre. They not always include agency over the musical content, but if you run a people-centered workshops it surely is worth adding many of the titles to the repertoire.

In any of the videos not only the activity is defined, but there is an opportunity to witness how facilitators explain it to participants. Some material is in English and sometimes there are subtitles. Production quality is quite high.

Activities are categorized as Warm-Ups, Skills/Creative Exercises and Workshops. Unfortunately there is some lack of curation for the videos on YouTube, double entries or clearly missing parts from numbered series.

Warm-Up — A simple activity that improves engagement in complex ones

Warm-ups are the most within Games for Music library scope (some are already here, sometimes in a more game-like version). The first presented set is an editorial choice of the most G4M-suited titles. Click in the second column to filter the table according to your preference and convenience.

Selected warm-up activities:

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Some #numbers missing from YouTube

Zip Zop Zap attention, rhythm, sound #4
The Rhythm Mill challenge, movement, rhythm #11
The Yell names, rhythm #18
Names & Body Percussion body percussion, names, rhythm #21
Rubber Kip algorithm, body percussion, rhythm #22
Step In / The Echoing Well repeating, rhythm #24
The Ping Pong Ball movement, some sound #25
Drive in Burger body percussion, repeating #27
Stamp Clap Name names, rhythm #28

Exercises and workshops

Apart from warm-ups there are also longer videos of Creative Exercises that show more of the introduction method of process (less body percussion, fewer getting-to-know activities). Serious, educational, facilitator-dependent or silent — these might be exactly the activities you need for your workshop, so consider checking them out.

The Snake ~ Bounce the Sound + acting #2
The Birth of Music sounds, with instruments #5
Collective Story Telling words #6
Orchestra of The Junkyard found sound workshop/process #8
Creative Lyric Writing words #10
Creating Soundscapes ~ Where Are We?, #39 #12
Walking Score ~ Room Score, worshop/process, fits after (!) #16 #14
The Tear and Fold arts, workshop/process, fits before #14 #16
Personal Postcards graphic score, workshop/process #20
Postcode Percussion algorithm, workshop/process #21
Silent Concerto workshop/process (especially interesting!) #22

For further inspiration, you may head to Skills Exercises:

Vocal Band, Riff Jamming, Body Percussion Canon, Body Band, Pass the Clap Extention, Pass the Sound Extended, Waking Up Australia, Boy & Girl Clap Variation with Chairs, Names on a Pulse, Names with a Ball, Independent Clap, Stones, Tuning in, Imomusigologo, Exploring Polyphony, Count to Three, Developing a Linear Rhythm, Six Stroke Phase, Feeling Time, Marco Van Basten, How to Teach a Canon, Counting As A Group, Group Tuning, Flying Voices

…and Workshops:
Musical Chairs, Pass the Sound, Composing the Line, Meta Sounds, Compose the Room, Composing with Data, Flying Canon Balls.

Included in Meet set/collection.

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