Pass The Sound series

The resource provided by Pass the Sound project is a series of videos, first appearing on YouTube in 2016. Entries in this series present group activities typical for improvisational theatre workshops. The scenarios do not always give agency over the musical content to participants, but if you run a people-centered meetings it is worth adding many of the titles to the repertoire.

Each video not only defines the presented activity, but shows how facilitators explain it to participants. English is the most popular language spoken in the material, and if it's not, there are subtitles. Production quality is quite high, thanks (most probably) to a venerable institutional backing1.

Notes on the content

Activities are categorized as Warm-Ups, Skills/Creative Exercises and Workshops. Unfortunately there is some lack of curation for the videos on YouTube, with double entries or clearly missing parts from numbered series.

Warm-Up — A simple activity that improves engagement in complex ones

Warm-ups are the proposals most within Games for Music library scope (some are already here, sometimes in a more game-like variant). However, this section includes also non-musical ice-breakers, including totally silent.

Workshops and exercises show more of the introduction method. In game terms they could be considered linear, rule-heavy scenarios, without elegance of a system. Serious, educational, facilitator-dependent — these might be exactly the activities you need for your workshop, so consider checking them out.

Click on links in the section below to access the activity, or to filter the whole list by topic. The set presented by default is an editorial choice of titles the most polished and also those fitting our wiki.

Activities with sound

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Some #numbers missing from YouTube!


Leading by a Sound 2:37 blindfold, movement, sound #8
Moving Sound Bath 5:46 blindfold, movement, sound #39
Rhythmic Breathing 4:15 breathing, rhythm, sound #41
The Condensed Sound Bath 4:05 blindfold, sound #7
Transforming Breath to Sound 2:49 breathing, sound #36
Zip Zap Zop 2:00 attention, rhythm, sound #4

Creative exercises

Creating Soundscapes 2:30 body percussion, movement, sound #12
Orchestra of the Junkyard 5:28 sound, talking #8
Personal Postcards 5:07 sound, talking #20
Postcode Percussion 5:22 algorithm, rhythm, sound #21
Silent Concerto 5:20 challenge, silence, sound #22
The Birth of Music 4:33 attention, sound #5
The Tear and Fold 6:25 sound #16
Walking Score 6:28 sound #14

Skills exercises

Body Band 3:35 body percussion, rhythm, sound #4
Body Percussion Canon 5:56 body percussion, repeating, sound #3
Boy & Girl Clap 10:29 body percussion, rhythm, sound #8b
Count to Three 1:28 body percussion, challenge, sound #20
Developing a Linear Rhythm 2:58 body percussion, sound #22
Exploring Polyphony 4:00 sound #19
Feeling Time 4:58 body percussion, rhythm, sound #25
Flying Voices 3:47 movement, sound #34
Group Tuning 3:31 breathing, sound #33
How to Teach a Canon 3:03 repeating, sound #30
Independent Clap 1:10 body percussion, rhythm, sound #11
Inomushigorogoro 4:00 movement, repeating, sound #17
Marco Van Basten 5:24 body percussion, rhythm, sound #26
Names on a Pulse 1:52 body percussion, names, sound #9
Pass the Clap Extension 28:15 sound #6
Riff Jamming 5:58 body percussion, rhythm, sound #2
Stones 6:14 repeating, rhythm, sound #12
Tuning in 3:22 movement, sound #14
Vocal Band 5:02 rhythm, sound #1


Workshop activities are prepared and the method is presented by the following facilitators:

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