Prompting initiatives

Many types of online communities gather around each artistic field. Some focus on creating art in a somewhat synchronized manner. In literature, there is SCP Foundation, a sci-fi writing megaproject, which shares the Wikidot platform with us.

There are also a few communities gathered around music, and this article will list those that operate by musical interpretation of short texts or similar cues. As we're on the internet, the final result of the activity is usually a recording available online.

Activities of this type usually focus on solo work, but as the community around them is gathered and integrated, there may be more festive runs of cooperative activities (sometimes spread over a few sessions). Improvisation is rare and the focus is more often on computer-assisted music.

Also, a community may form around any collection of cues — in a less synchronized fashion you may also compare different interpretations of Oblique Strategies or Composition Exercises, but immediacy and the feeling of direct connection is probably more attractive for participants, and for that prompting initiatives are tailor-made.

Further options:

In social media, interesting things happen under hashtags for specific months:
#jamuary (unclear — prompts might be uncoordinated and in many versions, and just jamming is a key shared factor)
#synthtober — tightly curated list of prompts for each day, intended for synthesizers.

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