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Tag prefix _need: marks content for further improvements. Examples include _need:decoration or _need:explanation.

Tag prefix _set: adds content to one of the collections.

Tags _order-first and _order-all may be used universally for filtering and ordering items (it's not implemented everywhere, but is useful especially for main page).

Entering the page tagged with _redirect leads you to the page's parent. It's used mostly to provide alternative titles for different contexts, so when you want to avoid double booking use _renamed as a tag for the parent.

Mark your content as _ready if it's not a draft anymore.

Categories: glossary/game/activity

Tag prefix _eg: informs that there is an example inserted in the tagged content and points to the platform where it is uploaded.

Categories: game/activity/sub

The _game tag groups items in game, activity and most of sub category. A _non-game may be added to a sub-activity if it's part of a larger list and is substantially far away from the library scope.

Tag prefix _sub: mimics and extends main, curated set of tags, but might be used for games and non-games together.

_print tag is used to mark items ready to print (where video or interactive explanation is not an essential feature).

Category: tag

Most tags that are used for playable items may be used also for tag category. This lets the wiki to display additional information about the tag together with tagged activities.

Tag prefix _tag: groups tags under a specific topic,

Categories: wiki/glossary/people

Tag prefix _topic: groups text on a specific topic, mainly to use for interlinking.

Category: people

The category is for individuals and groups.

  • _contributor — for designer/composers of in-library games; it will add a section which lists items in the library that link here,
  • _contributor-sub — this should be a tag used when article describes the author of an embedded game/activity (a "sub"-category),
  • _contributor-private — for people connected to the wiki, when the page will not be an encyclopedic article but will maybe serve communication and cooperation.

Category: print

The _deck and _deck-titles tags let the result of ListPages module be displayed as printable cards. Cards look the same in both cases, but the difference is for what is displayed on a card.

Category: cue

For cues you can make different exceptions from their usual behavior with tags: _non-cue, _non-safe (PG-wise) and _non-one (for duplicates).

_cue:inspire is for now the only example of a cue prefix, it's for tagging graphic cues.

Category: event

_past (.)

List of all hidden tags

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