Special Tags

Raw London Honey paper tag
Raw London Honey paper tag
Photo by shelfappeal (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Regular tags that are visible in the tag cloud always refer to games. These games are usually in the library, but sometimes tags might also point to an article. For another purposes we use hidden tags that begin with underscore ("_").

Article types

Right now there are four categories of articles and tags are used to distinguish between them.

_article - general purpose tag for articles that doesn't fit to other categories
_books - bibliographical
_people - biographical
_practical - tips and info related to meetings, organizing, advertising or other such topics

_help - similar to _practical, although more often related to wiki itself and it's own helpful content (especially for editing and managing the website)

Development utilities

_draft - unfinished text that awaits comments and discussion (displayed on articles page)
_stub - game in the library that should be elaborated upon
_hidden - game that is not displayed in the library - useful during writing the code of the page (activities have and games don't have preview option)
_decoration - it would be good to add some graphics to this material (Flickr maybe?)


Terms for the glossary need to be tagged with their first letter (after underscore like _a or _z). Probably only letters of english alphabet will be supported.

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