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Twitch is a streaming platform. Most often a live video feed displays a face-cam of the streamer and the capture of their screen. The interaction with viewers is sustained through a text chat.

At launch the service specialised in video games, and it's still the main focus, but in 2015 "Music" category was added. In both categories you may find games (often for consoles) that provide visually rich dexterity tests done through a musical instrument, sometimes also by providing cues synchronized to a record.

Since the start in 2011 Twitch grew to provide different monetization opportunities for streamers and local customs adjusted to that. Seemingly in the music section the most common activity is performing songs requested by viewers (donation puts the request to the top of the queue). The details of the approach and the level o professionalism are not filtered, the virtual space is available to everyone from one-beginner Karaoke-like singing to virtuoso multi-instrumentalists composers/producers.

Pop music is a staple of Music Twitch, but here are some activities that engage streamers creatively (not only performatively) bringing them closer to the scope of G4M wiki:

  • with a similar request system as for covers, streamer will improvise to the provided piece,
  • streamer is "live-learning" the given material — a requested unknown song should be attempted at as soon as possible.

"Sing the Chat"

BigChiLiChiLL's stream on Twitch often includes a fun activity called "Sing the Chat" — viewers can redeem channel points earned by minutes viewed. 1000 Channel Points (called ChilLiBeans) allows a viewer to request singing all words input by viewers.

See: — with visible chat.

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