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Music games don't always end nice… In casual playing it's natural for the coda get funny and have everything fall apart.

In classical music musicians' effort shouldn't have (in theory) mattered, as there was a strong (theoretical) focus on what's being heard and not on social aspect of playing. Yet, history recognizes the importance of dedicated virtuosic pieces, where high demands were kind of premeditated.

Here we will list composed (usually contemporary) music that has an unusual approach to performance difficulty — it is seemingly totally unnecessary, as if the difficulty makes the crucial part of piece's concept. It's often humorous, for the amusement of the audience or the performer, and results are definitely "playful". Please, add anything you see fit.


Fredrik Högbergs, Konzert fur Zwei Posaunen (fragment)
Gene Koshinski, As One
Tom Johnson, Failing
Adachi Tomomi, Ancient Chinese Experimental Music -From Yue Jing- No.1 + No.2

Notation family

This section is for titles where the difficulty lies in how the piece is notated (again, we look for obviously unnecessary difficulties). Please add, if your link that shows the overhead complexity.

Nick Didkovsky, Zero Waste
Morton Feldman, Piano

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